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running for
outdoor runners.

Zippy is world’s first move to earn metaverse

focused on outdoor and indoor runners,

joggers and walkers.

run is

now immersive

listen to the world's best athletes, runners and storytellers. Get a inside view of their mental models- how they train, think and win. Or run across world's leading running circuits or scenic environments such as Beach Run, Jungle Safari or Mountain Trail along with ambient soundscapes

run is

now social

Make new friends or talk to old ones. Learn from their experiences or ask them a question. Get some motivation and help someone.

runners need to


to unlock progressive NFT elements such as avatars,

upper wears and bottom wears to participate in

ZIPPY’s open and persistent world.

run is

now rewarding

Every step you take, every move you make - we will be rewarding you with rare NFTs and in-metaverse tokens that gets deposited to your crypto wallet automatically.

How this works

enlist your
running club

Rectangle 362.png

boston runners crew

a running club that helps get your competitive juices flowing.

Group 507.png
Rectangle 356.png

bangalore runners club

bangalore runners club is a group of self motivated runners aiming to excel in the area of personal fitness

Group 506.png
Frame 431.png

Join the network of thousands of runners worldwide and compete globally.

we've completed





“zippy is a great app for tracking & mapping all your runs & make it easy to track distance, time, speed, elevations & calories burned- all the stats that matter. The right app which acts as a virtual trainer or training partner to keep you motivated & accountable.”

shweta sharma

About Us

zippy is
our passion. that's really about us!

We are a team of 'Athletes First' and 'Technologists Later'. At Zippy - Our only job is to make fitness and all things around it simple, sustainable and sticking for our users. We achieve this by combining the principles of technology including AI, blockchain, gamification fused with behavioral & nudge economics and deeper subject matter expertise on fitness and wellness.

Our core team comprises serial entrepreneurs with decades of experience in building category leading ventures, technologists with decades of experience in building complex state of the art tech products and medical professionals with decades of experience in wellness and fitness ventures.

At Zippy-

Our vision is to make running as immersive and entertaining as playing a console game; yet at the same time as scientific and effective as an Olympians' prep work.

Sunny is a serial entrepreneur with 14 years of experience in building technology focused businesses in new categories.

At Zippy - Sunny is focused on building a strong fitness focused venture.


Sunny Makroo


Ravi is a prolific Investor and a Serial Entrepreneur and has successfully built companies and has helped speed scale multiple technology startups. Through his Family Office - he has invested in start-ups & venture funds that span interests in Technology investments, Real estates, education institutes & infrastructure. He is a pro athlete and a swimming champion.

Ravi Reddy


Advisor and investor

Advisor and investor


Dr. Rath is an astute investor, Physician-Scientist, Behavioral Expert. He specializes in building innovative health solutions at the intersection of modern technology and the deep domain of medical sciences. Dr. Rath brings his deep expertise as well as innovation expertise to build great products with deeper consumer insights at Zippy.


Dr. Satish Rath

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